Screven Muslim Women

Despite the multiple, complicated reasons behind wearing a hijab, there are those who routinely assert that women who wear a headscarf are necessarily oppressed. I was told that to be a Muslim was to be a terrorist and that to be outwardly Muslim was to endorse violence and oppression … I understood that I would be unwelcome as long as I wore symbols of my heritage and chose to, in however modern a way, embrace my ancestors. In Western countries, however, women find that wearing a head covering makes it harder to get hired. For many other women, the headscarf has become a means of resistance to standards of feminine beauty that demand more exposure. Examples of hijab-wearing women in the government, such as newly elected Congresswoman Ilhan Omaror athletes such as Olympian fencer Ibtihaj Muhammadmay help dispel these stereotypes. They also want to dispel the assumption that all African-Americans are Christians, and that only people with origins abroad can be Muslim. M uslim women inhabit a uniquely marginalised space in a world where the existence of rampant Islamophobia both disregards their voices in the wider world and is also used to justify silencing their voices within Muslim communities — by prioritising the issue of anti-Muslim racism over the struggle against patriarchal oppressions. Last year I wrote about the honour killing of a Pakistani social media celebrity, Qandeel Baloch. This reaction is familiar to many Muslim women who speak out, write, or activate in public spaces against the patriarchal oppressions and violence they face. The prevalent patriarchal order dictates which forms of violence against Muslims are more urgent and demand activism on our part. Under this order, anti-Muslim racism wins many times over before patriarchal oppressions are even discussed. The system that protects male privilege and gender hierarchies goes into overdrive when the reputation at stake is that of prominent Muslim men, such as clerics. When Muslim women speak up about this, we are accused of creating theatre. I grew up in a majority Muslim country; I know not all Muslim men are sexual predators but I also know that many, many men are — in cultures, communities and countries around the world. So I choose to believe women. When the tactic works, Muslim women and our issues are rendered disposable, and shoved to the back of the line.

But in this day and age, the ratio of women to men grows further apart.

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Screven Muslim Women
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